VoIP Solution

Self Managed Hosted PBX

All the features you want in your business phone system, hosted in the cloud and powered by vControl to give you full control 24/7, at a fraction of the cost of traditional PBX and phone services.

A hosted PBX is a business phone system in the cloud that delivers the features and capabilities of a telephone system without requiring on-premise PBX equipment. This means you can reduce cost and complexity, while providing business-grade call capability throughout your business.

A hosted PBX gives you more control as you can add or remove lines as needed, manage internal extension numbers and in fact manage your entire system through the online vControl portal

Free 30 Day Trial

• No contracts or minimum spends

• No connection/disconnection fees

• Full access to self-managed features

• 24/7 emergency support available

No Plans/No Contracts

• Instant Signup

• Easy to navigate interface

• Immediate dial plan changes

• Fully customizable features

Halve Your Phone Bill

• 9c calls to any land-line

• Mobile calls at 15c per minute

• International calls starting at 2c p.m

• Save $$ off your monthly bill!

Why Use A Hosted PBX?

• System is location independent

• Reduce your costs with low call rates

• No need for a phone technician

• Managed entirely online

Cloud PBX Features

A hosted PBX gives you much more flexibility than a traditional PBX. Aside from the cost and hardware savings of no longer requiring a PBX to be installed at your office, your phones will operate anywhere as long as they're connected to the internet. This means you can take your office with you when you travel, link up your offices even if they're in different states or countries so they operate as a single phone system or even work from home.

As long as you have a SIP phone with you, your office would be able to transfer calls, see when you're on the phone or set to Do Not Disturb, you can remotely answer your ringing office phone, transfer calls, or make internal calls. Best of all these features count as Internal Calls and therefore incur no call costs!

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